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As I have been forcible conscripted into caring about moon Troupe due to a certain friend *cough with pointed look at S*.

This casting for some reason surprised me. With Kanato shifting troupe, and Arthur still being around I assumed that they would be in separate shows. That was in fact the correct assumption, but I had gotten the shows backwards. Whoops

Arthur will be joining Tom, Tamakichi and Chapi in Hakata-za down in Kyushu, while Kanato will be playing nibante for Miyaruri in Theatre Drama/ACT. I just assumed that Kanato, as the nihonmono Yuki-girl would be hanging out with Tamakichi and Co.

Now that I'm thinking about this, it does make more sense the way they did it. And by sense I mean it will be easier on poor Kanato. Who will be transferring into the welcoming arms of Miyaruri who won't be under immense pressure of "living up to" the glorious Todoroki Yuu unlike Tamakichi. Miya also was a transfer herself, so she will get how tough the experience can be. Especially transferring into moon Troupe. Although I have a feeling their backstage atmosphere has mellowed out a lot with the change of regime.

In terms of Miya's show. Kanato is snagging the nibante role, and Umino is holding strong and took the heroine lead. Bless her for hanging on with all her might to that star tracked title as babies breath down her neck. I like the lineup of people in her show too. She took Sexy Face (aka Takasumi Hayato continuing proof that I love the 92nds with all my heart and if I find an attractive upperclassmen to be eye candy they will no doubt be a 92nd), Mayupon, Rune and everyone's favorite character actress Kashiro Aoi (The Gay One in Arthur's Aen).

Now, that the odds of S unwillingly dragging my ass to Kyushu are down to zero I can safely say I am looking forward to seeing this show with her. Not the same level as Power Ranger Kiki, but I'll take what I can get for a show that's not Saitou ;)

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