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During the Bow Hall performance Victorian Jazz Sakura (Ichika) taught me how to make this style, and using that as a base I made this. Because my costumes were a chic black and deep red I thought about how I wanted to make it a little flashy since I was playing an actress, so I looked for flowers to match my character's image and thought about how to arrange it to make it gorgeous. When I saw how the hat matched with my costume I thought a choker would be the best, so I collected antique looking parts and made this.

This necklace I made for Forever Gershwin to matched my duet dance costume. Nonoguchi (director) said that the finale would be set to a club mix, so consider using unusual accessories such as transformed items, asymmetrical designs or things sewn with multicolored beads. I try to reuse accessories I have used in the past, reviving them into something new. But this has strong memories attached so I can't break it up.

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Sender : Tsubasa Anju

I like artbooks so whenever they catch my eye I buy them. Epecially things created by the illustrater Higuchi Yuko are my favorite, she draws the world of cats and animals with a distinctive touch.
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From: Ryouka Kina

Koshien Beach, where I grew up!!
It's a healing spot

From Takarazuka IV : Flower Troupe.
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Wow. Today was a doozy for news.

First, the biggest news. Senna Ayase was announced as the next Top Musumeyaku of Flower Troupe. This was on nobody,and I mean nobody's radar. I mean, she is a 94th, she is classmates with Tamakichi, she never had a shinko lead, and she's well out of shinko. Talk about a shocker of an announcement. There is two ways this has played out. Either Mirio actually put her foot down on something and demanded somebody she wanted to work with, or Tom asserted her influence in favoring musumeyaku who she's had leads with.
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“I decided that retirement had to be white.” Misaki Rion, Top Musumeyaku of Cosmos Troupe held her press conference wearing a pure white dress.

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note:This is not my translation. A friend did it, and then I edited. She gave me permission to post it here, so please don't repost it anywhere or link it from another source. Cheers.
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Stage Name: Kisa Kaoru
Birthday: October 31st
Blood Type: A
Nickname: Kisachan
Nickname Origin: It was given to me by and upperclassmen because it is easy to say.

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Aug. 16th, 2016 10:59 pm
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In a surprise move they announced more of the schedule today, which is strange. They tend to announce on late Friday afternoon these days. I was joking with Carly that I was having such a shit day they were going to announce Madoka's transfer to hanagumi just to really put the cherry on an emotionally shit day.

Instead we got the next Snow Troupe grand theatre. Sagiri Seina and Sakihi Miyu will be doing a play based of Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate. Wikipedia article here. There is much more information on the Japanese wikipedia page, but my brain is shut off for the night, as I've just watched Vampire Sucessions finale about 10 times a row. Anyway, it's a 1957 black and white movie about the main character "outwit[ting] the inhabitants of a brothel in order to survive in straitened times." Is that not the most Chigi-sounding show ever?! Chigi causing havoc in a brothel. 10/10 sign me up for that shit.

This will be adapted and directed by Koyanagi Naoko, who has done some good stuff before. Lupin III was hers, as was Shangri-la and Shall we Dance. I think we will get a solid Chigi-style adaptation out of this. I'm optimistic. It helps that she has been working with Koike on Elisabeth and has been learning from him.

The show however reads ominous, being titled "Dramatic S". A show written and directed by featuring a startling large amount of "s" themed words. Sagiri Seina. Sakihi Miyu. Snow Troupe. Splendor. Song & Dancing Show. Nakamura Kazunori will be writing and directing. He's done a lot of decent shows, I'm sure he will work something up that's good for yukigumi.

If these don't signal the end of Chigi's reign I will be really shocked. Honestly, I'm going to be sad to see her go. She's a wonderful actress, who has had a wonderful career. If she didn't make my heart hurt and my brain didn't flash giant 'hazard' signs at her gaunt frame I would be happy to see her stick around. Her and Miyu are sunshine and dynamite together.
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So, as we all know, I'm a huge fan of classic American movies, so I was really looking forward to watching this show. I wasn't disappointed...
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Stage Name: Seika Rian
Birthday: November 30th
Blood Type: AB
Nickname: Rio, Karian
Nickname Origin: Karian was given to me by Chigi!
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Act II opened with the entire cast singing Glorious, and it was, in fact, Glorious.

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It was a beautiful show... I will not stand her impatiently waiting for it to air on skystage.. or at least a CD featuring songs they can get the rights for.

And now I sleep, because it is 12:23 AM.

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I was lucky enough to get a ticket to see Bow Singing Workshop – Cosmos today. It was amazing, and one of the favorite things I have seen since I moved here in 2012. Since they announced this show I wonder how it was going to work, because in Takarazuka singing isn’t necessarily an emphasized skill. I say that with all the love and affection in the world for Takarazuka.I walked out of this show bowled over by how amazing it was. We all know I have a (well earned) reputation for being a hard ass when it comes to Takarazuka. This show I walked out of thinking, there is nothing I would change in that production, there wasn’t one bad piece. That were weaker pieces, but not bad pieces.

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Star Troupe Top Musumeyaku Hinami Fuu will retire on the final night at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre on November 20th. Today her retirement press conference was held at the theatre office today, April 29th.

She took the stage wearing a musumeyaku style dress arranged with botanical lace and a ribbon shaped necklace that Hokushou Kairi (whose retirement press conference was held yesterday) had given her as a birthday present. From the first time they had been called a top combi, “I thought I want to retire [with Hokushou]” she said. On the closing night of “Love and Dream” in January of this year, she was informed by Hokushou that she intended to retire, and at that time she promptly decided they should retire at the same time.

Her plans after retirement, “Surprisingly, I haven’t decided. Marriage? If a Prince, like Hokushou appears, then I would immediately want to get married” she said with her big eyes sparkling.

Their Sayounara performance “One Samurai from Kagoshima / Romance” opens at the Takarazuka Grand Theatre on August 26th and runs through October 3rd. The Tokyo performance runs October 21st through November 20th.
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If you would like a better well-rounded account of this, please go read zukadiary's account here. She's much better about writing accounts about one-offs than me.
I wasn’t going to see this shinko, I wasn’t. I had no plans to see it, but… I have no self-control. This should not be shocking information for anyone who knows me. There were just people..outside the theatre.. sadly trying to sell off B-seki tickets. I just… It was the right thing to do…to help them.


Yeah I’m not buying my own bullshit either.

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On the 30th the Takarazuka Music School (located in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture) who rasies Takarajennu announced the 40 members of the 104th class. The number of students who took the exam is up 16 students from last year, making a total of 1079, and the acceptence rate 27 percent.  Those who made it into the hard to get into school, after two years will have learned music, dancing, ecetera and will become a member of the Takarazuka Revue and stand onstage.
The numbers of the sucessful applicants were announced at 10 this morning, and  from the waiting students who looked nervous, cheers and shouts of 'I did it' went up. Sucessful applicants embraced each other and expressed their congratulation in tears. The entrance ceremony will take place on April 16th.

Taking the test for the second time, Suzuko Murakami (17) a second year student from Amagasaki-Kita High school smiled, 'I'm full of happiness. I want to be a musumyeaku to delight everyone.'
Original japanese article written by Yamamoto Ai
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