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One year ago today I found myself in New York City to see Takarazuka OG perform Chicago. I was familiar with Takarazuka since December 2013 but never really invested fully in it until I learned from a friend that Takarazuka was going to be in NY! I thought "Wow, they probably don't come to the U.S. very often I should probably go see them while they're here!"
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Jul. 16th, 2017 06:44 pm
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and it's done. not the first chapter, not yet. but i've done raiden's story. and god, this fucking game. stressful? to an astonishing degree. the sounds of the metal gear RAYs haunt my nightmares. i get stressed thinking about the alert noise, or the alarm, or just. the sign of the vision cone on my radar. hideo kojima you strange, strange man. what a fucking game you've made. it's something else, it really is. and i love it. i have both 3 and 4, all ready to go soon, and i can't wait. but for now i take a break. partly because it's a little late, but partly because i am so stressed i have no words. 10/10 this game is something else. to an entire other degree. there were sections i never could have expected, and sections tthat made me want to punch my tv or my ps2, and all of them have made me so fucking proud to have beaten this game. thank goodness it's over, can't wait to see three.

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