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Hankyu dropped some bombs last week. Biggest being that following the retirement of Misaki Rion there will be no top musumeyaku of Cosmos Troupe. This was not the announcement that everyone has been waiting for.

Bah. Fucking. Humbug.

All of my friends had assumed that it was either going to be Reimi Urara or Hoshikaze Madoka. Honestly, a week ago I would have assured you that it was going to be Urara. I was just waiting for the official annoucement. Sure, she can't sing a standard musumeyaku part to save her life, but since when has that stopped Hankyu from promoting someone. She's worked with Maakun a lot and most importantly holds the Ikeda bank contract. I'm so shocked that she couldn't straight up just buy the position. That's kinda what I assumed had happened when Mirion announced after Elisabeth that she was leaving.

I can't say that this came out of nowhere. I mean, the thought had occurred to me after the National Tour chirashi had both Urara and Madoka on it, but I had thrown it out. Who does that? Whelp, apparently cosmos troupe this time.

As far as I am aware there are zero rumors about if this was Maa-kun's decision or the company. Although apparently back in the day rumor says it wasn't Sena Jun's decision to not have a partner, so I'm thinking it was the company.  It's also got Maa-kun fans tossing around the idea of taidan. I'm not sure she's ready to tap out yet, but it's hard for me to objectively tell with her. She could announce tomorrow or three years from now.

Either way I feel bad for everyone involved, but mostly the musumeyaku. Reimi Urara lost what essentially was her last chance at being a top musumeyaku but still will have the stress of being placed in large roles in plays. Madoka gets given more time before she's pushed farther into the limelight, for which I am grateful. But at the same time there is zero doubts in anyone mind that this is just a way to split responsibility between Urara and her. Although it does open up doors for some non-tracked ladies to get decent roles if there are any written without the pressure of a top musumeyaku.


There is one light to all of this, room for a transfer for Madoka. Beni's career is looking like it's going to be short and sweet, and Mirio's had a decent run and an older top. Maybe Kiki/Madoka or Coto/Madoka could be in the cards for my future. I would be behind both of these, although Kiki would be ideal. Romeo and Juilette for the Grand Theatre debut. Tell me that is not the perfect show for them. I would get the added bonus of getting to see Taso hopefully play the nurse.

Outside of transfer news, I'm pleased with the lineup. Sakuragi Minato took the bow hall where she gets to play a time traveler who pops into medieval Europe. Maa-kun gets her own dance show. My bet is on Urara being with Maa-kun in the dance show while Madoka get's to play opposite Zun again. I'm happy with both of these choices. Either way, I win.

This does make my timeline to return home a lot easier unless WINE THE SHOW!! brings with it taidan.
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Best Revue: Flower Troupe's Fantasia. It was the best show that I've ever seen live. The pieces were all fantastic and the overall show was amazing. My personal favorite scene is the Otokoyaku dance, which actually won an award.

Best One Act Play: Snow's Hoshiai. It was a beautiful production, a beautiful plot and one of the best overall piece I've seen Snow Troupe do since I got here in 2012. I've even watched the DVD a couple of time, which says something since current Yukigumi is not my jam.

Best Two Act Play: Ahh. This one is actually really hard. I loved Aida because it was a fantastic piece for the top stars, however most everyone else got shafted in this show. It was a lot of "random background soldier number 16". However, it was gorgeous sounding and looking. The final tomb scene is heartbreaking. If anyone was debating getting the BluRay I highly recommend it. BUT, 1789 was also a really good show. 1789 was an ensemble piece that had amazing cast and allowed a lot of people to chance to shine and show their stuff. Which is good considering the hot mess that Moon Troupe has been. Chapi's duet with Fersen was gorgeous.

Best Small Theatre show: Top Hat. Easily. I thought briefly about answering Jirokichi. Both were good. But let's be real here... Top Hat is Asaka Manato playing Asaka Manato. It was glorious to watch. The entire cast was fantastic. The duet between Kai-chan and Chitose is still one of my favorite songs and I regularly listen to it when I need to get something out of my head or I want to smile.
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A friend and I spent a lot of time chatting about what this promo image would look like. Would it be Maakun in a baldcap holdng a skull and quill? Then my friend said, and I quote "Nevah. Shakespeare had a lustrous head of hair down to his knees and anyone who says otherwise is a lying liar." With a follow up comment of "All Europeans have Byronic flowing locks of hair Cascading everywhere."

Low and behold we got the promo image today. Expected flowing lusterious locks. CHECK. Unexpected LEATHER. Check. Mirion as a beautiful glowing blond Angel of a musumeyaku. CHECK.

I'm happy.

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Also props to Maa-kun on her gaijin style!
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Takarazuka Grand Theatre:
January 1st - February 1st
Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre: February 19th - March 27

Starring Asaka Manato and
Misaki Rion.

Shakespeare ~The Sky is Filled
With Words Inexhaustible~

Based off the life of William Shakespeare, marking the 400 year
anniversary his death. Written and directed by Ikuta Hirokazu.

A glamorous, passionate show that pairs elegance and dynamism, creating various images inspired by the sparkle and passion of the eyes of Top Star Asaka Manato and the actresses of Cosmos Troupe.* Written and Directed by Fujii Daisuke.


Okay. I am actually really excited for this. Shakespeare in a new and exciting way, by a playwright/ director I'm a fan of. I literally have no idea how/what they are going to for this... But I am totally here for it.

HOT EYES!! I've spent the last 24+ hours cracking up over this. I have called Maa-kun Eyeballs among friends for... Geeze, six years now? A loooong time. And Daisuke literally names a revue HOT EYES!! It is fucking hilarious amiright? Like, Daisuke, I want to both high five you, and slap you. Like... It's ridiculous... but I'm already coming to love it. I may be broken.

* J did the translation for the pretentious Japanese Shakespeare title and for HOT EYES!! summary. She is currently being prodded to do something else, but when she gets her new SPANKY zuka livejournal account up I'll post a link. She just has to finish The Thing first.
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"Maa-kun steals Mirion's necklace" dance from Canon*, dialled up to 11,000, in the best way possible. With 1930s sass and bonus English.

Yes. That (*except that's Amour de 99). But yes. Exactly.

Charis wins all the awards yet again.
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Hello lovelies~! It's been a long time I've posted a proper review, because I'm a lazy turd in my off time. But I am buckling down tonight and going to finish this *ganbaru pose*

Per usual, I'm going to start this review with my standard line. I am not a casual fan. I am not a rainbow and sunshine only girl. I have opinions, so just keep that in mind before you delve into my reviews expecting rainbows. That being said, this review is going to be largely rainbows... because oh shit son, this is a fab show.

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Maa-kun and Mirion are slaying it. Look at them. It's even... Dare I say it.. Tastefully done?!

Color me surprised!

I am so very much looking forward to this show. Even if they did deny me my fantasy of seeing Yurika and Aiai in a split role casting of Amneris. Yurika is hilarious in drag, and Ai-Ai is totally believable. *sigh* we could have had it all, instead we will have Urara butchering vocals trying to sing higher than her normal range. It's such a shame, because she does actually have a decent voice, she just isn't terrifyingly high like most tracked musumeyaku.

But yes. Come one, come all to Shinsei Soragumi with me! It will be fabulous, I promise!


Dec. 16th, 2014 10:33 am
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I can't handle this... It's just... Perfect!
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I /may/ try and swing seeing it again, but the timing is sucky.  And yeah, this review is kinda sucky. Sorry, real life and lack of motivation got in the way…  but I needed to get it out before I go for shinko tomorrow. Because that’s the next thing I’m going to be writing up.

Top Hat!

Nov. 22nd, 2014 11:23 am
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Yah! The cast list has been announced. I am like 100 percent less concerned about tickets and am going to increase sashi-iri amounts out of sheer happiness.

SO EXCITED. Screw Calista, I'm going to watch top hat a billion times and nobody can stop me!!!

Look at that list. That's a nice list. Kumichou, Maa-kun, Mirion, Chitose, Kai-chan, Ai-chan, and Kazuki Motherfucking Sora.

'm actually a little sad that Kazuki Sora is going to be in this and not New Wave. I'm hoping it's because they didn't want her to overwhelm her less talented upperclassmen. Because she could. I'm really worried about her because she so clearly NEEDS to be tracked, but has the odds stacked against her right now. But I have my fingers crossed this was 'she's too talented to be wasted on chorus for the 'baby-fest' that New Wave is. Maa-kun, adopt this fierce little baby and undo all the evil that has been done!!

Yaaaaaah!! I am the happiest!


Oct. 2nd, 2014 10:21 pm
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As everyone expected Maa-kun was announced top. I had actually just been talking to M about how I wished they would just friggin announce it that morning.

Not only do they do that... they do it with TOP HAT. I haven't seen the musical, and I have vague memories of having watched the movie. Either way, I know from what little google-fu I have expended that it is going to be such a good show for Maa-kun and Mirion.

Have some fruits of my five minute wander around the internet:

Now, can we talk about how excited I am for Mirion to be out from under the rock that is Kaname. Girl is wicked talented and has been crushed under her partner that doesn't want anything to do with her. I am hella excited to watch her shine again with Maa-kun. Sparkle on my hanagumi Princess. Sparkle on. Or should I say, sparkle on my hanagumi combi that's gonna rule soragumi~!

OH. Yeah, write-ups. I still owe you guys that. But probably won't get around to them until later this weekend. This week has been crazy and I've been incapable of doing anything other than sitting and staring at a wall or TV screen when I get home.

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