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Yet again I am the slowest person to get up reviews. At this point is it really even a surprised? Although this time it didn’t help that I utterly adore this show and trying to find the right words in the proper order is hard for me. A gifted wordsmith I am not, anyway here I am. Take me as I am.

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Wow. Today was a doozy for news.

First, the biggest news. Senna Ayase was announced as the next Top Musumeyaku of Flower Troupe. This was on nobody,and I mean nobody's radar. I mean, she is a 94th, she is classmates with Tamakichi, she never had a shinko lead, and she's well out of shinko. Talk about a shocker of an announcement. There is two ways this has played out. Either Mirio actually put her foot down on something and demanded somebody she wanted to work with, or Tom asserted her influence in favoring musumeyaku who she's had leads with.
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Irodori Michiru [wiki]
Debut: 2013 Rose of Versailles - Fersen
Recent main roles: 2015 - Lupin III as Louise Charles and 2015 One Night of Stars as Sen (shinjinkouen)

Favorite Takarazuka workSusano-o
Favorite Movie… Edward Scissorhands
            Character… the cup balancing character, Fuchiko-chan.
            Thing…. taking various pictures
Charm Point… It’s when I laugh and my eyes disappear isn’t it? (laughs)
Something you want to try onstage… Generally speaking, I want to play varied characters. I don’t want to be a fixed type, from now on I want to continue show my various countenances to the audience.
Something you want to try offstage… Jigsaw puzzles! I bought a big area 500 piece puzzle, but I haven’t had time to do it. This year I want to complete it!! (laughs)
Where you want to focus on onstage and your own appeal… From day to day rehearsals and performances I want to vigorously give it my all. I’m proud to be a member of the Takarazuka Revue, so I want to continue to devote myself to it.


Aug. 16th, 2016 10:59 pm
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In a surprise move they announced more of the schedule today, which is strange. They tend to announce on late Friday afternoon these days. I was joking with Carly that I was having such a shit day they were going to announce Madoka's transfer to hanagumi just to really put the cherry on an emotionally shit day.

Instead we got the next Snow Troupe grand theatre. Sagiri Seina and Sakihi Miyu will be doing a play based of Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate. Wikipedia article here. There is much more information on the Japanese wikipedia page, but my brain is shut off for the night, as I've just watched Vampire Sucessions finale about 10 times a row. Anyway, it's a 1957 black and white movie about the main character "outwit[ting] the inhabitants of a brothel in order to survive in straitened times." Is that not the most Chigi-sounding show ever?! Chigi causing havoc in a brothel. 10/10 sign me up for that shit.

This will be adapted and directed by Koyanagi Naoko, who has done some good stuff before. Lupin III was hers, as was Shangri-la and Shall we Dance. I think we will get a solid Chigi-style adaptation out of this. I'm optimistic. It helps that she has been working with Koike on Elisabeth and has been learning from him.

The show however reads ominous, being titled "Dramatic S". A show written and directed by featuring a startling large amount of "s" themed words. Sagiri Seina. Sakihi Miyu. Snow Troupe. Splendor. Song & Dancing Show. Nakamura Kazunori will be writing and directing. He's done a lot of decent shows, I'm sure he will work something up that's good for yukigumi.

If these don't signal the end of Chigi's reign I will be really shocked. Honestly, I'm going to be sad to see her go. She's a wonderful actress, who has had a wonderful career. If she didn't make my heart hurt and my brain didn't flash giant 'hazard' signs at her gaunt frame I would be happy to see her stick around. Her and Miyu are sunshine and dynamite together.
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So, as we all know, I'm a huge fan of classic American movies, so I was really looking forward to watching this show. I wasn't disappointed...
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Stage Name: Seika Rian
Birthday: November 30th
Blood Type: AB
Nickname: Rio, Karian
Nickname Origin: Karian was given to me by Chigi!
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Act II opened with the entire cast singing Glorious, and it was, in fact, Glorious.

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It was a beautiful show... I will not stand her impatiently waiting for it to air on skystage.. or at least a CD featuring songs they can get the rights for.

And now I sleep, because it is 12:23 AM.

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I was lucky enough to get a ticket to see Bow Singing Workshop – Cosmos today. It was amazing, and one of the favorite things I have seen since I moved here in 2012. Since they announced this show I wonder how it was going to work, because in Takarazuka singing isn’t necessarily an emphasized skill. I say that with all the love and affection in the world for Takarazuka.I walked out of this show bowled over by how amazing it was. We all know I have a (well earned) reputation for being a hard ass when it comes to Takarazuka. This show I walked out of thinking, there is nothing I would change in that production, there wasn’t one bad piece. That were weaker pieces, but not bad pieces.

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Best Revue: Flower Troupe's Fantasia. It was the best show that I've ever seen live. The pieces were all fantastic and the overall show was amazing. My personal favorite scene is the Otokoyaku dance, which actually won an award.

Best One Act Play: Snow's Hoshiai. It was a beautiful production, a beautiful plot and one of the best overall piece I've seen Snow Troupe do since I got here in 2012. I've even watched the DVD a couple of time, which says something since current Yukigumi is not my jam.

Best Two Act Play: Ahh. This one is actually really hard. I loved Aida because it was a fantastic piece for the top stars, however most everyone else got shafted in this show. It was a lot of "random background soldier number 16". However, it was gorgeous sounding and looking. The final tomb scene is heartbreaking. If anyone was debating getting the BluRay I highly recommend it. BUT, 1789 was also a really good show. 1789 was an ensemble piece that had amazing cast and allowed a lot of people to chance to shine and show their stuff. Which is good considering the hot mess that Moon Troupe has been. Chapi's duet with Fersen was gorgeous.

Best Small Theatre show: Top Hat. Easily. I thought briefly about answering Jirokichi. Both were good. But let's be real here... Top Hat is Asaka Manato playing Asaka Manato. It was glorious to watch. The entire cast was fantastic. The duet between Kai-chan and Chitose is still one of my favorite songs and I regularly listen to it when I need to get something out of my head or I want to smile.
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Overall: I was pleasanly surprised. I wouldn't say this was totally undeserving of the glowing praise that twitter was giving it. If you can stand Tom, and ignore the blackface then overall this wasn't so bad. ((This physically pains me to type... I just want you all to appreciate my honestly. I'm physically in pain to give you the truth)). If your actress is one of the ones I've mentioned then you might want to check it out... and by that I mean, "wait until it ends up on youtube or it aires on skystage.". It was decent, but let's not give them more money than they are going to get out of Japanese fans.
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Takarazuka Grand Theatre:
January 1st - February 1st
Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre: February 19th - March 27

Starring Asaka Manato and
Misaki Rion.

Shakespeare ~The Sky is Filled
With Words Inexhaustible~

Based off the life of William Shakespeare, marking the 400 year
anniversary his death. Written and directed by Ikuta Hirokazu.

A glamorous, passionate show that pairs elegance and dynamism, creating various images inspired by the sparkle and passion of the eyes of Top Star Asaka Manato and the actresses of Cosmos Troupe.* Written and Directed by Fujii Daisuke.


Okay. I am actually really excited for this. Shakespeare in a new and exciting way, by a playwright/ director I'm a fan of. I literally have no idea how/what they are going to for this... But I am totally here for it.

HOT EYES!! I've spent the last 24+ hours cracking up over this. I have called Maa-kun Eyeballs among friends for... Geeze, six years now? A loooong time. And Daisuke literally names a revue HOT EYES!! It is fucking hilarious amiright? Like, Daisuke, I want to both high five you, and slap you. Like... It's ridiculous... but I'm already coming to love it. I may be broken.

* J did the translation for the pretentious Japanese Shakespeare title and for HOT EYES!! summary. She is currently being prodded to do something else, but when she gets her new SPANKY zuka livejournal account up I'll post a link. She just has to finish The Thing first.

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