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As expected Nozomi Fuuto and Maaya Kiho were announced the next top stars of Snow Troupe. It's not suprising in the least, but it is still delightful. Congratulations are due to both of them.

I'm not as keen on their debut show as I am on the pair of them. I mean, In the Amber Hued Rain... really? I mean, it is Daimon so this very hanagumi show is not a surprise, but meh. I know the cream of the crop in terms of plays never are really chosen for national tour (looking at you Valencia... looking at you), but whatever. I'm also grumpy on behalf of all the poor Chigi fans who are watching their new top stars tour with their actresses taidan revue with a cheap attempt at rebranding. I see you hankyu.. and I do not approve.

That being said, I'm sure their Grand Theatre debut will be something worth both of their vocal talents. A lot of rumblings about Phantom, which I could get behind. It hasn't been out of the cupboard since Tomu's debut.

I'm not huge into yukigumi these days, but damn, that taidan list. Hugs all around to everyone involved. I'm sure their last show will be worthy of their talents

Al Calpone

Nov. 20th, 2014 10:20 pm
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Daimon gets a lead... And it's Al Capone. I can't. Daimooooooon. Mobster Daimon. Hahahaha. Oh god, I am really excited to see it, because she did sleezy bad guy so bad those first few weeks of Oceans. She owned it by the end, so I guess there is that. I guess she will have to go and re-rent all those gangster movies she watched during Oceans.

Added bonus is that Harada sensei is writing it. Which I am like, apparently the only person excited about it. *sad puppy face* .

This is going the rounds in the Japanese Twitter world:

Harada-sensei. I will be your cheering party of one! Don't worry!

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