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Happy New Year~! I have time off work so I’m actually going to write up my thoughts on a show before a month after the fact. Somebody get me a gold star!

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Act II opened with the entire cast singing Glorious, and it was, in fact, Glorious.

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It was a beautiful show... I will not stand her impatiently waiting for it to air on skystage.. or at least a CD featuring songs they can get the rights for.

And now I sleep, because it is 12:23 AM.

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Overall: I was pleasanly surprised. I wouldn't say this was totally undeserving of the glowing praise that twitter was giving it. If you can stand Tom, and ignore the blackface then overall this wasn't so bad. ((This physically pains me to type... I just want you all to appreciate my honestly. I'm physically in pain to give you the truth)). If your actress is one of the ones I've mentioned then you might want to check it out... and by that I mean, "wait until it ends up on youtube or it aires on skystage.". It was decent, but let's not give them more money than they are going to get out of Japanese fans.


Jul. 28th, 2015 08:32 pm
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Summer Holiday's means that DT is off in Bow Hall again. This is the.. third summer I've spent watching her in Bow Hall if I remember correctly. ((I just checked, and it is in fact the third summer in a row. Geeze, no wonder she wanted to go to Taiwan. I too would want to be the one to get to leave sweaty Hyogo in the summer)).

This year's show is of course Stardom starring Houzuki An. This is her first lead, and her second show with hanagumi.

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Overall: Watchable, but not particularly great in any one regard.

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Hello lovelies~! It's been a long time I've posted a proper review, because I'm a lazy turd in my off time. But I am buckling down tonight and going to finish this *ganbaru pose*

Per usual, I'm going to start this review with my standard line. I am not a casual fan. I am not a rainbow and sunshine only girl. I have opinions, so just keep that in mind before you delve into my reviews expecting rainbows. That being said, this review is going to be largely rainbows... because oh shit son, this is a fab show.

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This started out as an audio post I recorded, so it's pretty stream of conciousness. I'd apologize, but not really because I still took the time to type this up. In the future I may just post the audio itself, but I'm unsure how I feel about that.

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