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Flower Troupe Report
Reporter Nana Kurara

I hope everyone is in a good mood~🌸
Right now, both our new top combi's debut National Tour team and Kiki-chan's MY HERO team are in the middle of rehearsing!!

Well then, let's start the troupe report✨


Please tell us where you want to go or things you want to try with everyone in flower Troupe in 2017! (Ayarin)

She had this to say, "Where I want to go with everyone... I think I want to go to an onsen! ♨️ I want to leisurely enjoy an onsen~✨After that, we had a BBQ before and we want to make it a custom so I want to have a BBQ once it warms up!!" On national tour I want to go to various famous onsens and wash away my tiredness✨ Let’s all plan a BBQ together 💓 Now I'm looking forward to it 😊

As the cold days continue, can Hawaii-loving Asumi-san please tell us her recommendations for how to spend a day there! (South Country)

She has this to say, "In Hawaii, I have a slow morning, then in the afternoon I go to the supermarket and buy a lot of ingredients to take back to the hotel kitchen and cook. In the evening, I like watching the beautiful sunset while eating dinner 🌺" A wonderful sunset and Sayumi-san, that's beautiful isn't it ✨ When she was telling me about how much she likes Hawaii, her eyes started sparkling 💕

🌷Serika-san 🌷

Now, strawberries are everywhere, does Serika-san have a recommended sweet, or way of eating strawberries? (Strawberry Child)

"I like strawberries more than strawberry flavored things!!!!!" she said very passionately, "I like Sanuki-hime strawberries the best 💓 The most delicious way to eat them is from the stem side🍓”

🌷Yuzuka-san 🌷

I want you to please talk about your beloved dog, Noa! (Saeko)

She only has this to say, "He's super cute".

🌷Aren-san 🌷

It's written in Otome that your hobby is riding horses, please tell us about that! (Daiya)

“I started riding horses when I was around 10 years old. 🐴 When I have a long break I always go ✨ The horse riding club I go to has about 30 horses from Mongolia and they run free. While riding you can come across wildlife, like wild deer, and flocks of peacocks, and riding across a steep cliff is so fun and has such a thrill to it. When riding you can really experience Mother Nature, and it refreshes my spirit✨”

I'm looking forward to everyone's questions for next month’s edition 💕That's all, I'll see you next month~💓💓

Translator note: Every troupe has a different format for this segment. I liked Flower troupe because you got to hear from different members.

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