glitra: (Tomu - Bugs)
glitra ([personal profile] glitra) wrote2017-04-01 10:45 pm

Let the cleaning begin

I'm starting the long and arduous project of cleaning my apartment out since as of April first the budget at the BOE rolls over.

That means I can finally access the money they have set aside to help me mail my stuff back to the US. Since books and printed materials are a different cost than regular mail my apartment is strewn with graph/kageki/otome and programs. Five years of them. Holy Hannah I am a pack rat.

It also feels like an archeological dig at this point. I found my otome I bought in Tokyo when I very first arrived in 2012. Hot and sweaty in Tokyo I braved a book store for the first time and had to ask where it could be found. I remembered being terrified. Look at me now ma! Or don't actually, I feel like my mother would judge just how much money I've spent in Takarazuka in the last five years πŸ˜‚

Anyway! It had stickies in it from when I got it. Little polka dot stickies that prove that I am very consistent in my affections. The people tagged are Ranno Hana, Tenma Michiru, Yuzuka Rei, Towaki Sea and Sorahane Riku. All of these people are still on my fave list for their respective troupes β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•

Speaking of stuff, I'm going to be giving away some programs and stuff at some point for anyone who wants to pay shipping. There is no way I'm taking it home and I'd rather it go to loving homes than pawn it off on Taka-an.

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