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Reporter: Nana Kurara

It's time for this month's troupe report 🌸
Thank you for all your questions!!
I'll get your answers quickly✨


Soon it's going to be spring but I was wondering what Asumi-san's favorite season of the year is - Hanami Dango

She said, "Summer~🌞 I really like warm weather~ I want it to get warm when we are on national tour. I want to wear lightweight clothes!!

🌸Asumi-san ❤️ Ayase-san

February 14th is Valentines day! What did Ayase-san get Asumi-san as a present? And if possible can we please hear what Asumi-san thought of it when she got it. -Mirikuri

Ayase said this, " I handmade milk jelly and gave it to her in a bag with other drinks and things as a present ❤️
It seems like she's done her research and watched Sayumi-san's (Asumi) Special DVD-BOX making where she said she likes milk jelly. 💕

Asumi: "It was really delicious!! The bags that she and Hanako-chan (Ichinose Kouki) made me with long and short handles are really useful❤️" The cat bag on the left was made by Yuki-chan (Ayase) and the bear bag on the right was made bye Hanako-chan!! The peace sign is Sayumi's ✌ ✌


Right now what's he one food you would recommend? After that please tell us what genre of music you often listen to! - Dekopon

Sweet Sake ✨ In the morning and evening it's cold so I drink sweet sake to warm myself up. The music I listen to, it's often a lot of songs from musicals. I also listen to music related to the current performance.


Serika, right now you are playing the role of a superhero, if you really were to become a superhero, what superhero would you want to become? - Tamamurasaki

"X-MEN'S WOLVERINE!!! Hugh Jackman plays him... bam (wolverine hand emoticon)  three blades come out. It's cool!✨"


Please tell us what has had you really excited now! - Girafu

"When I saw the poster for Wind Over Yamataikoku!! The visuals of the two leads are dreamy and Kiki  (Serika)  is in black, it has me excited ❤️"

Well this month was fun wasn't it! I'm waiting for your questions!

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