Jul. 5th, 2017

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The show announcements just keep coming and I've been crap about writing my thoughts down. So here's a round up post!

❄️Snow ❄️
Revolutionary Maximilien Robespierre / SUPER VOYAGE! Daimon debuts at the grand theatre with a play and a show. Which makes me think the company is banking on her being the one to bring home the bacon for a bit. Which wouldn't surprise me, Chigi was the best selling top star they had in the docket and with her gone, and Maakun leaving and the Sora top remaining yet unknown... it's anyone's game. Mirio has never quite lived up to her hype of being the best seller. Which honestly, might partially be due to show choices. Especially this last one which is a hot mess. HOT MESS GUYS. Lord I am so ready to not to have to ever watch it again.

Beni and Airi (Benri) will be doing Berlin, My Love. Nazis. Whoooo boy. If we could not that would be GREAT. But here we are again. Sorry, passing that until I can see it on skystage for free. Shout out to poor Kai fans who with the release of the poster image featuring Koto looking like a old time Nerdy Journalist are def gonna end up as a Nazi. Sorry guys.

Speaking of Beni, she gets the Taiwan tour in late 2018. Which means she won't be a short and sweet run despite literally everyone assuming that's what her run would be. Get it girl? I guess? I am curious as to what her next show will be. Will it be comedy? Or will she try and pretend she's a serious actress again?

Hanagumi has the horror that is Yamataikoku paired with the (predictably amazing) show Santé right now. Sadly, even a Daisuke themed show about WINE isn't good enough to wipe out 1h40m of awful.

After that ends they are split in half. Mirio will be doing Hanna's Florist and Yuzuka Rei will be doing "Haikara-san ga tooru" which I've started reading and I am highly enjoying. 12/10 on picking my type of crack here guys. I see what you are doing, and I like it.

Speaking of Haikara-san, the cast list is still not out. It's been like... heading towards week two I think? It's highly suspicious and the internet has been abuzz with rumors of transfers. I'm pretty sure they are gonna drop on Friday along with new top announcements and such. Yah, very excited for the new batch of fans to freak out at their first giant list of transfers :)

Then hana is lined up to do Poe no Ichizoku. Which is based off a manga by Moto Hagio. A two act Koike adaptation, defying the rumors of Mirio departure early next year. Although, honestly I wouldn't completely discard the concept yet. Eugh. I am not particularly keen on a two act Koike show for hanagumi, but I'll take what I can get. God give strength to the cast because lord knows despite it being his dream production for the last 30 years he probably hasn't been working on the script in all that time.

While I'm not excited it does help that T is totally into this show. Refers to it as her 'bible'. Her enthusiasm is (as always) catching.


Cosmos is a big ??? Parisai wrapped up yesterday and shuugoubi is coming on Tomorrow( July 6th). I'm assuming we'll see top announcements on Friday. I've been counting down for about three weeks now. It's an easier thing to fixate on than my own life.

Will Urara retire tomorrow? Will Makaze take her? Will Makaze take Madoka? Will Miyaruri be transferred in for the most awkward 20th anniversary of soragumi ever? WE WILL SOON KNOW.


Jeans for All is currently hip deep in rehearsal. Chisei mentioned in the blurb from rehearsal that they just finished up Act I. Twitter then proceeded to blow up with "WHAT?! GUYS THE SHOW OPENS SOON?!" Which made me laugh, Koike remains Koike. Some things will never change. Two hours late with half a script, Starbucks and the general agreeability of two week old gym socks.

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