Jul. 23rd, 2017

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Yes, I'm late (as always) to pop in here and update everyone on my thoughts.

Tanabata brought a slew of announcements. Really, if I'm honest it's like Hankyu peeked into my brain and decided to reward me for my solid dedication and financial support of their business for almost 10 years. Almost all of these announcements could be tied up they're with a purple ribbon and labeled "to Alex love Hankyu".

Number one, of course, being Makaze Suzuho and Hoshikaze Madoka are being made the top conbi of Soragumi. Makaze and Madoka 😳💕 It happened guys. I've somehow found myself in love with a musumeyaku, and a soon to be top one at that. I am over the moon that we weren't transferred somewhere or sent into Demi-top purgatory or some other Hankyu-fuckery. So Happy. She made it, and she made it in our troupe

✨💜 She's the first cosmos top musumeyaku to have originated in cosmos troupe 💜✨

In addition to that they shuffled Serika Toa from Hana to Sora. Which leaves her at the same rank, but gives her some opportunity to grow and flex her muscles. She's been getting such boring roles under Mirio that this move will only be better for her. She hit the level up button recently, but it's not showing as much in grand theatre productions. Not a lot of growth opportunity in the type of roles and productions that Mirio have been choosing.

If I'm honest though, I think this was mostly a move to throwing Aizuki Hikaru off the star track without losing as much face. She wasn't given the nibante title only to have it stripped away. This is clean and nice...so to speak. I'm a little bummed for Ai-chan personally, but also a little relieved she won't be shouldering a burden she's not ready to.

Personally, I'm thrilled with it all. Like, straight up, clap my hands in glee at this whole situation level of thrilled. Makaze and Kiki are just so well matched physically. Soragumi is dangerous now, but bring in Kiki? *fans self* Not to mention that their personality and how they present them self to the public they are totally different. Kiki is hyper aware of how she presents herself, and Makaze has this "that's cool bro. Whatever" vibe to her that I think will make watching them interesting.

We also see Amairo Mineri get transferred to Cosmos too. She's Madoka Douki and I fell in love with her princess eyes during the 2016 New Years countdown show. Voice like an angel, I'm excited to get to see her more frequently and really see what she can do.

All in all it was a lovely Tanabata. I so appreciate when things I want to remember line up with holidays. Last time I saw Tomu in Takarazuka? April 1st, start of the new year full Sakura blooming. The date Madoka was announced a Top Star? Tanabata 🎋

I'm happy. Even if I'm not going to be here in Japan to see it.

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