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Reporter: Nana Kurara

It's time for this month's troupe report 🌸
Thank you for all your questions!!
I'll get your answers quickly✨
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Irodori Michiru [wiki]
Debut: 2013 Rose of Versailles - Fersen
Recent main roles: 2015 - Lupin III as Louise Charles and 2015 One Night of Stars as Sen (shinjinkouen)

Favorite Takarazuka workSusano-o
Favorite Movie… Edward Scissorhands
            Character… the cup balancing character, Fuchiko-chan.
            Thing…. taking various pictures
Charm Point… It’s when I laugh and my eyes disappear isn’t it? (laughs)
Something you want to try onstage… Generally speaking, I want to play varied characters. I don’t want to be a fixed type, from now on I want to continue show my various countenances to the audience.
Something you want to try offstage… Jigsaw puzzles! I bought a big area 500 piece puzzle, but I haven’t had time to do it. This year I want to complete it!! (laughs)
Where you want to focus on onstage and your own appeal… From day to day rehearsals and performances I want to vigorously give it my all. I’m proud to be a member of the Takarazuka Revue, so I want to continue to devote myself to it.

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