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Kano Maria Farewell Talk with Asumi Rio
Graph February 2017 (amazon) | (hankyu books)

Kano: You are always busy, so thank you for specifically making time to talk to me.

Asumi: It’s like you are reading off a script (laughs)

Kano: Now that my dream of doing Manzai with you has come true, let’s look back on our memories

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Writer/Director: Saitou Yoshimasa
Cast: Serika Toa, Hozuki An, Asazuki Kiwa, and Oto Kurisu

Saitou: This is Serika-kun’s second lead and her first lead in Tokyo so I feel a sense of joy and responsibility in serving as the head of this production. Now, Serika is really blooming, and I want her to be even larger so I created this show to show everyone a side of Serika that you’ve never seen before. As you can see from the poster, the characters in the play are a lot, aren’t they.
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Reporter: Nana Kurara

It's time for this month's troupe report 🌸
Thank you for all your questions!!
I'll get your answers quickly✨
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Takarazuka Revue's New Flower Troupe Top Musumeyaku, Senna Ayase.
Photo taken by Kawahira Ai in Takarazuka City

It's finally her time to shine | Flower Troupe's New Top Musumeyaku - Senna Ayase
Having slowly and steadily worked herself to the position of Top Musumeyaku, Flower Troupe's Senna Ayase assumes the title with her debut performance in the national tour production of “Romanesque Mask” and “EXCITER!! 2017” (March 18-20, Umeda Arts Theatre Main Hall in Osaka) This year, she enters her tenth year with the revue. "My parents said to me, 'You've done your best until now'. It's taken a lot of time, but it wasn't all in vain" she said, reflecting back.

Senna is from Miyagi Prefecture. When she was creating her stage name, one kanji was taken from Sendai and Natori City. "Until entering the Takarazuka Music School, I hadn't ever seen Takarazuka live. I want Takarazuka to be more known in my hometown too." she said. While in the middle of returning home in 2011, she felt the Great East Japan Earthquake. She was unsure about whether she should immediately go to perform at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre. "Acquaintances who survived the earthquake said to me 'I want to see your performance', and I realized that if you can take time to dream, especially in times of suffering, then your heart can be put at ease. It's really striking when everyone stands on stage holding the same feelings in their heart." she said looking back on the experience.

After assuming her new position, Top Star Asumi Rio said to her, "Don't do it alone. Let's have fun making our roles together." "I think our fans are looking forward to our synergy. Using all my experiences up until now, I want to believe in Asumi-san and follow her" she said with sparkling eyes.

Written by Tanaka Hiroko. Mainichi Newspaper. Osaka Evening Edition. (Original article)
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Hoshikaze Madoka, playing Elisabeth in the shinjin kouen production of Cosmos Troupe's Elisabeth.
Photo taken by Tanaka Hiroko in Takarazuka City

“I want to show how I've matured” Cosmos Troupe | Hoshikaze Madoka

Playing the heroine role in Cosmos Troupe’s shinjin kouen performance of Elisabeth (August 9th, Takarazuka Grand Theatre) is Hoshikaze Madoka, a musumeyaku in her third year with the Revue. “I’m aware that I'm not a great singer, but I want to show that I'm doing my best and that I've grown up a little,” she said with enthusiasm.

This is Hoshikaze’s second shinjin kouen heroine role, in addition to her heroine roles in both a Bow Hall show and a Umeda Arts Theatre Drama City show. At first glance, it seems she is sailing smoothly forward but she revealed, “I’m really inexperienced so my feelings of wanting to work hard rush ahead of me but my ability can’t quite follow In the rehearsals, it seems like every day I run into something I can't do, and frustration and troubles keep popping up.”

From her mother's influence she’s been a Takarazuka fan since she could remember. Even now she says watching the CS premium broadcast Takarazuka channel at home is her favorite way to relax. “Even on my days off, I don’t want to be far from Takarazuka,” she said.

In the main show, Hoshikaze plays the young crown prince Rudolf. It's a character who hungers for his mother's love and in his shadow of solitude chooses death, “From growing up until arriving at the decision of suicide, I provide the backdrop, so I really want to create an intensity.” Being blessed with these chances, she is steadily maturing.

Mainichi Newspaper. Osaka Evening Edition. (original article)
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Takarazuka Revue Flower Troupe Star Serika Toa in Takarazuka city. Photo by Kawahira Ai

“Showing a new side of myself” Tackling the role of a Superhero | Flower Troupe - Serika Toa

The person considered to be the first to tackle the role of a superhero in Takarazuka history is Flower Troupe otokoyaku star, Serika Toa. She’s starring in My Hero in Osaka at the Umeda Arts Theatre Drama City April 2th through April 10th.

“This is a show unlike any other before. I want to receive strength from this role myself and show you a new side of Takarazuka” she said enthusiastically.

This is the story of a leading actor Noah, played by Serika. His life is rocked by scandal and he is given a fresh start playing a superhero in a special effects drama. As a masked hero, he’ll dare to be moved into action. “It feels good to unleash my special move and knock out my enemies,” she said laughing. It has lines that read like something from a manga, and ones that are a tad embarrassing. “With the magic of Takarazuka, if I can get a reaction from the audience, I'll be happy”.

This spring, Serika will be entering her 11th year in Takarazuka. “When I was an underclassmen, I was desperate to get the otokoyaku form down that my head and my body were stiff. Recently I've been able to relax onstage so I look forward to working with my partners and act with a real, raw feeling” she said.

Mainichi Newspaper. March 6th, 2017. Osaka Evening Edition (Original Article)
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During the Bow Hall performance Victorian Jazz Sakura (Ichika) taught me how to make this style, and using that as a base I made this. Because my costumes were a chic black and deep red I thought about how I wanted to make it a little flashy since I was playing an actress, so I looked for flowers to match my character's image and thought about how to arrange it to make it gorgeous. When I saw how the hat matched with my costume I thought a choker would be the best, so I collected antique looking parts and made this.

This necklace I made for Forever Gershwin to matched my duet dance costume. Nonoguchi (director) said that the finale would be set to a club mix, so consider using unusual accessories such as transformed items, asymmetrical designs or things sewn with multicolored beads. I try to reuse accessories I have used in the past, reviving them into something new. But this has strong memories attached so I can't break it up.

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Sender : Tsubasa Anju

I like artbooks so whenever they catch my eye I buy them. Epecially things created by the illustrater Higuchi Yuko are my favorite, she draws the world of cats and animals with a distinctive touch.
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From: Ryouka Kina

Koshien Beach, where I grew up!!
It's a healing spot

From Takarazuka IV : Flower Troupe.
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From: Tatsuki Mio

These are the ducks I am collecting to enjoy~
Their circle of friends is still growing

From Takarazuka VI - Flower Troupe.
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Irodori Michiru [wiki]
Debut: 2013 Rose of Versailles - Fersen
Recent main roles: 2015 - Lupin III as Louise Charles and 2015 One Night of Stars as Sen (shinjinkouen)

Favorite Takarazuka workSusano-o
Favorite Movie… Edward Scissorhands
            Character… the cup balancing character, Fuchiko-chan.
            Thing…. taking various pictures
Charm Point… It’s when I laugh and my eyes disappear isn’t it? (laughs)
Something you want to try onstage… Generally speaking, I want to play varied characters. I don’t want to be a fixed type, from now on I want to continue show my various countenances to the audience.
Something you want to try offstage… Jigsaw puzzles! I bought a big area 500 piece puzzle, but I haven’t had time to do it. This year I want to complete it!! (laughs)
Where you want to focus on onstage and your own appeal… From day to day rehearsals and performances I want to vigorously give it my all. I’m proud to be a member of the Takarazuka Revue, so I want to continue to devote myself to it.
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“I decided that retirement had to be white.” Misaki Rion, Top Musumeyaku of Cosmos Troupe held her press conference wearing a pure white dress.

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note:This is not my translation. A friend did it, and then I edited. She gave me permission to post it here, so please don't repost it anywhere or link it from another source. Cheers.
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Stage Name: Kisa Kaoru
Birthday: October 31st
Blood Type: A
Nickname: Kisachan
Nickname Origin: It was given to me by and upperclassmen because it is easy to say.

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Stage Name: Seika Rian
Birthday: November 30th
Blood Type: AB
Nickname: Rio, Karian
Nickname Origin: Karian was given to me by Chigi!
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Star Troupe Top Musumeyaku Hinami Fuu will retire on the final night at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre on November 20th. Today her retirement press conference was held at the theatre office today, April 29th.

She took the stage wearing a musumeyaku style dress arranged with botanical lace and a ribbon shaped necklace that Hokushou Kairi (whose retirement press conference was held yesterday) had given her as a birthday present. From the first time they had been called a top combi, “I thought I want to retire [with Hokushou]” she said. On the closing night of “Love and Dream” in January of this year, she was informed by Hokushou that she intended to retire, and at that time she promptly decided they should retire at the same time.

Her plans after retirement, “Surprisingly, I haven’t decided. Marriage? If a Prince, like Hokushou appears, then I would immediately want to get married” she said with her big eyes sparkling.

Their Sayounara performance “One Samurai from Kagoshima / Romance” opens at the Takarazuka Grand Theatre on August 26th and runs through October 3rd. The Tokyo performance runs October 21st through November 20th.
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On the 30th the Takarazuka Music School (located in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture) who rasies Takarajennu announced the 40 members of the 104th class. The number of students who took the exam is up 16 students from last year, making a total of 1079, and the acceptence rate 27 percent.  Those who made it into the hard to get into school, after two years will have learned music, dancing, ecetera and will become a member of the Takarazuka Revue and stand onstage.
The numbers of the sucessful applicants were announced at 10 this morning, and  from the waiting students who looked nervous, cheers and shouts of 'I did it' went up. Sucessful applicants embraced each other and expressed their congratulation in tears. The entrance ceremony will take place on April 16th.

Taking the test for the second time, Suzuko Murakami (17) a second year student from Amagasaki-Kita High school smiled, 'I'm full of happiness. I want to be a musumyeaku to delight everyone.'
Original japanese article written by Yamamoto Ai
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The Musumeyaku Who Color the Rehearsal Room

This photo was taken during Melodia – A Warm and Lovely Melody independent rehearsal. I thought that the flower troupe musumeyaku are really brilliant and gorgeous. What they wear in rehearsal is always very cute, and I thought that it's something you can’t usually see so I decide to show you (laughs) And according to Marin (Yuuma Rin), “A rising musumeyaku is the fifth from the left”. *laughs* There are often photos where Marin happens to be passing by and lines up to get her photo taken. And that’s my one gorgeous photo!

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