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As I have been forcible conscripted into caring about moon Troupe due to a certain friend *cough with pointed look at S*.

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Happy New Year~! I have time off work so I’m actually going to write up my thoughts on a show before a month after the fact. Somebody get me a gold star!

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Announced today, Takarazuka Kagekidan’s Moon Troupe Top Star Ryu Masaki will retire on the closing night of NOBUNAGA -Dream of Lesser Heaven-/ Forever LOVE!! on September 4th of next year.

Ryu hails from Higashi-Osaka. She debuted with the Cosmos Troupe production of Rose of Versailles: Fersen and Marie Antoinette in 2001. In April of 2012 she became the first Top Star that debuted in the 21st century.

Ryu, entering maturity in her fourth year as top star she uses her skill as a singer as her weapon, and her presence was firmly felt as the Takarazuka Kagekidan faced its 101st year. She recently said “I want to have other actresses who are more talented than I am to come to the front – That’s what will drive me to get better.”

A press conference will be held on December 16th.

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Sparkles (Rukaze Hikaru) took the Shakespeare lead~! This was shocking to everyone involved, no doubt to Sparkles herself. My numerous die-hard soragumi friend's had been talking about this lead for awhile. We assumed Sparkles wouldn't get it because Rui Makise was climbing faster than she was. However, Makise was taken out of the running by an apparently bad injury. So Sparkles took her debut shinko lead about a year earlier than anyone had imagined, including her own management team. *laughs* You can do it Sparkles and Sparkles' Otsuki!

Rara got the Mirion's Shakespeare role in Shinko. You go little "hehehe~" girl.

Tamakichi stole the battle for Nibante despite not even being a contender. The weird part about is that it makes Tsukigumi work again. I went to see Manon/Golden Jazz and the awkwardness of them trying to pretend that Kacha and Miya are getting the same stage time has passed. It's ironically the best tsukigumi show I've seen since MIrio's transfer. I still don't like Tamachiki, and will forever pin the "MIYARURI GOT FUCKED" pin on my lapel until the end of time, but tsukigumi is x10 less painful to watch.

Aida 2k16. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'm going to Kyushu to CRY at this goddamned show yet again. BAH.

Makaze as Vampire. Yes. Give me more. Give me Madoka lead. Fuck Kyushu I want to see Madoka and Makaze together.


Takarazuka Plays Disney. I'm making poor life choices and going to see it. 36 hour trip to Tokyo GO.

Tom is Abraham Lincoln. And I am going to see it, because I am a sucker. Well, close enough. A friend is an otsuki and they upped the amount of tickets they get per show so she is desperatly trying to get rid of tickets.

MeMy. There is no Kiki in a dress, so I'm generally pretending this casting doesn't exist at the moment.


Sep. 26th, 2014 10:49 pm
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Tsukigumi I think literally just walked into the trophy room and yanked the 'best production of the 100th year' award off the shelf and ran with it. Or more accurately skated in and stole in.

Hot damn. I'm impressed tsukigumi. I didn't think you has it in you.

Puck was fantastic as was Crystal Takarazuka.

Better report tomorrow when I'm not falling asleep on my phone.

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